Burglary also comes in several varieties. When most people think of burglary, they think of taking items from another’s home. However, burglary can apply to more than a home and several factors may increase or decrease the classification of this felony.

The most commonly thought of burglary is called aggravated burglary. This is when someone enters a home with the intent to commit a theft or felony. The same occurs when the entry is into a motor vehicle, but this is a lower classification known as burglary of a motor vehicle. When a business or non-livable house is broken into, it is called burglary of a building. Often when someone burglarizes a non-livable home, it is over charged as aggravated burglary. Especially aggravated burglary occurs where someone suffers serious bodily injury during the burglary.

A list of burglary offenses and their classifications and sentence ranges are as follows:

Charge      Classification Sentencing Range
Possession of Burglary Tools A Misdemeanor 1 day to 11 months 29 days; up to $2500
Burglary of a Motor Vehicle E Felony 1-6 years; up to $3000
Burglary of a Building D Felony 2-12 years; up to $5000
Aggravated Burglary C Felony 3-15 years; up to $10,000
Esp. Aggravated Burglary B Felony 8-30 years; up to $25,000

Often times, a suspect will realize that they are under investigation for a burglary well before they are arrested. It is at this point that a consultation with an attorney should be sought, before an encounter with the police. Even after an arrest has been made, consulting with an attorney should be the number one priority.

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