Criminal Trespass

Criminal trespass is considered going on to or remaining on a property without the owner’s permission.

Criminal trespass has become a hot button issue in Shelby County since District Attorney General Amy Weirich has instituted the Project Safeway initiative.  While criminal trespass is only a class C misdemeanor, it is often the means by which other evidence of a crime is discovered. In many cases, a defendant is going to visit with a friend on one of these properties, is stopped, arrested for criminal trespass, searched, and contraband is discovered.

The key to beating all of these charges is defeating the criminal trespass.

Our experienced attorneys are fighting this battle. In our opinion, this initiative is unconstitutional and should be abolished.

If you have been charged with this offense, please contact our office and discuss this matter with our attorneys. We will be able to guide you through the steps that place you in the best position to have your case satisfactorily disposed of.

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