Drug Offenses

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Since drug offenses can range from possession to distribution to manufacturing and everything in between, there are several key factors to consider from a legal perspective:

  1. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor of a felony depends on the type and amount of controlled substance seized
  2. Manufacturing, distribution, promoting, and selling controlled substances are treated much differently than just possessing the drug
  3. The amount possessed by an individual can offer a presumption of the intent to sell or distribute

Most defenses regarding drug cases concern suppressing the evidence. Our experienced Memphis Criminal Defense Attorneys will be able to discuss possible defenses and suppression issues with you during a free, no-obligation consultation.

Even if there is a solid case of evidence against you, we can inform you of what must be done to qualify you as a candidate for alternative sentencing. 

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For your reference, below is a summary of common charges and penalties for a variety of drug offenses.

Marijuana Charges

Charge      Classification Sentencing Range
Up to 14g A Misdemeanor Up to 11 months 29 days; up to $2500
15g to 10lbs E Felony 1-6 years; up to $3000 fine
11lbs to 70lbs D Felony 2-12 years; up to $5000 fine
71lbs to 300lbs B Felony 8-30 years; up to $25,000 fine
Over 300lbs A Felony 15-60 years; $50,000 fine

Cocaine/Methamphetamine Charges

Charge      Classification Sentencing Range
Up to .5g C Felony 3-15 years; $15,000 fine
Over .5g B Felony 8-30 years; up to $25,000 fine

Heroine/Morphine Charges

Even the smallest amount is a class B Felony and can carry up to 30 years in jail and a $25,000 fine.

Other Drug Charges

Other drugs are going to depend on the type of drug and which Schedule it falls under.  The higher the Schedule, the more severe the penalty.

Have you been charged with possession, distribution, or manufacturing drugs?  Our experienced legal team can help you assess the charges against you and determine the best defense to ensure a fair trial.

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