In Tennessee, the crime of theft includes a wide range of offenses: shoplifting, receipt of stolen goods, larceny, embezzlement, theft of services, and grand theft auto.  All the State needs to prove is that a defendant took another’s property without their permission.

In most cases, this means that someone simply took some personal property, such as a lawnmower or items for sale, from another.  However, many thefts can be quite complicated, especially white collar theft. White collar theft usually involves some sort of embezzlement, fraud, or computer crime.  These types of thefts require specific attention to detail in paper records and ledgers.  Our attorneys will take the time to comb through these records and explain them to you one page at a time.

Someone could also be accused of stealing services. The classic dine and dash is an example of theft of services. In many instances, however, theft of services occurs where someone contracts to work to be done (construction on a house or repairs to a car) and the customer does not pay for the services. Once again, time and diligence must be spent on details, a skill in which our attorneys excel.

The degree of theft is based upon the value of the money or goods stolen, as demonstrated in the following table:

Charge Classification Sentencing Range
Under $500 Class A Misdemeanor 1 day to 11 months 29 days; up to $2500
$500 – $1,000 Class E Felony 1-6 years; up to $3000
$1,000 – $10,000 Class D Felony 2-12 years; up to $5000
$10,000 – $60,000 Class C Felony 3-15 years; up to $10,000
Over $60,000 Class B Felony 8-30 years; up to $25,000

There are many defenses available to theft. An interview with the client is the most productive way to examine and discuss these defenses. Our Memphis Law Firm has had great success in defending and settling theft cases.

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