Traffic Violations & Defense

Have you received a traffic citation or ticket in Memphis,TN? Our downtown Memphis lawyers have extensive experience handling traffic tickets, DUI/DWI charges, and moving violations.  In many cases, we can help get your ticket dismissed* and reduce the overall impact to your driving record.

However, before you appear in court you need to know what potential outcomes to expect.  Paying your ticket early will cause the violation to appear on your driving record and points to be assessed against your license.  This will usually cause your car insurance premiums to increase.  But this is not the only possible outcome.  For example:

What to expect if you pay your ticket early:
1. This ticket on your driving record.
2. Points assessed against your license.
3. To pay for parking.
4. To stand in line.
5. To argue with the prosecutor.
What to expect if we represent you*:
1. The ticket not on your record.
2. No points assessed against your license.
3. The ticket to be dismissed.
4. To not go to court.
5. To do all of this from your couch.


How to get your ticket dismissed without going to court…

Our Memphis traffic ticket attorneys can appear in court for you—even if it is a mandatory court appearance.

From our experience handling over 1,000 traffic tickets, we can advise you on what will be required to have your ticket dismissed.  Here is how to get your Memphis traffic ticket dismissed without going to court:

Option 1:  Call us at (901) 578-1515 and we will review your ticket over the phone.
Option 2:  Fill out the form to the right.  We will review your ticket and contact you at the email address provided to inform you of the next steps.

Once dismissed, your ticket will not appear on your record and no points will be assessed to your record.

We can make all arrangements to handle your ticket by phone or email. Contact us today at (901) 578-1515 or by filling out the form on this page.

*In most cases, we can help negotiate a favorable settlement and dismissal of your ticket.  During our consultation, we will advise you of the options available to you, depending on your case.